This year. The beginning.

Its been a kooky year so far. Lot’s of cool shit, some crazy shit, some much needed checks and balances. I feel like I’m on a good path. Good people keeping me grounded and focused. I wouldn’t normally be making posts about things that happened 5 months ago, but since this year has had allot of action let’s start at the begining.

I did the Ybor City convention with Ricky in January. Shit was awesome. Got to meet some great people, the booths were affordable, the staff was insanely helpful (walking around asking if our tubes needed cleaning, going on food runs outside the venue for artists, etc…), the hotel was rad, AND affordable (historic hotel across the street from the venue), and there was no Lizardboy making terrible jokes and being the single most annoying person on earth. Ricky won Tattoo of the day on Saturday and that was awesome. Damn good tattoo, too. Shit was pretty phenomenal. Got to meet some great people (Phil Colvin from Memorial Tattoo and Shay at Liberty Tattoo as stand outs in hospitality), tattoo some fun stuff(thanks), and got to see the Sailor Jerry Movie.

One word: Epic. 

Check the Photos.

l_c8e772028c77422785889becc7a05e70                                                        l_d6cacb3b62cc4362a3dc9a1fe1d8bed4                        


Some paintings I did there. Phil Colvin bought the girl head and Brian Warnekross bought the bird and rose.

Thanks guys.

l_2bd56956eb8243d08f440a10cc9f53b0                                                        l_551a5a26b5b0446b9d0a5dc40cba59a7

Next post: Green Bay Tattoo Convention with Rus.


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  1. so clean and bright

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