Green Bay Convention.

A few weekends after the Ybor City convention I got to attend the Green Bay Convention put on by Rick Harnowski at the Oneida casino.

Here’s a link to check out. It’s got some flicks from the show taken by the people who put it on and I guess some videos too. Check out Longo’s suit.

I shared a booth with Rus Laich and we were next to the awesome people from On Edge tattoo in Holland. On the other side of them was Dennis Pase and Scott Althen. We had a pretty good line up going. It was a goddamned blast.

The hotel was strange. You could smoke everywhere except your room, the convention hall, and the restaurant. The casino was bugged out. Crazy old ladies with cigarettes dangling from their mounts and Kim Jong Il glasses on playing slots for ten hours with a BUCKET full of quarters.

Got to do some fun tattoos and check out the Peace Family booth. Some pretty awesome historical shit there and I wish I had tome to check out the lectures on the old timers, but the show had a slow start and I wanted to make sure I got to make enough money to cover it. It ended up being fine, but I didn’t know that then. I got to see Jeremy Sutton and meet his pal Eno. I hadn’t seen Jeremy in years. It was good to reconnect. I got to talk to some great people. Grant Cobb, Nikki Balls, Aaron Coleman, Mando Rascon, Dave Kruseman, Oliver Peck, the guys from Omega Red, and I got a bitchin’ haircut from a old fashioned barber. I had a great fucking time. I can’t wait till next time. I’m going to try to make a week out of it. 

Heres a few photos of tattoos I did that weekend.




These are paintings I did during the slow time. The first was bought by Maika from On Edge, and the second was bought by Oliver Peck. Thanks guys. I appreciate it.



This is Mark and Maika from ON Edge in Holland. They are crazy. Awesome, but crazy. I had a great time guys, thanks.


And here we have Scott trying to look cool while Dennis is apparently going to kill and eat him.


Aaaaaaaaan here we have snow. I was so snow starved by the time I saw this that I didn’t give a shit that it was minus 56 degrees. I love seasons.


I had a great, great time. Thanks to everyone that I met and got to talk shop with. 

Next, back into the swing of things.


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  1. Love that one-eyed three legged pigeon

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