Montreal Tattoo Convention.

I had a blast in Montreal in September. I look forward to doing that show again. I worked the booth with Ricky Mcgee. He runs the shop I work at, Anonymous Tattoo in Savannah GA. Next to us was our good friends Scott Althen and Rus Laich(whom I worked the booth in Green Bay with). They both work at another shop in Savannah, but we’re all good friends. Got to see my boy Adam Hathorne whom I haven’t seen in years, and Jeremy Sutton whom I was just as exited to see again, and I had the good fortune to meet some other great people. Adam Turk is the man. I’m glad we met. We’ve become good friends and I look forward to visits and drunk phone calls in the future. Cooper and Eno showed up with Adam Hathorne, all of whom work at Guru. Out booth was across from one of my favorite tattooers in the world, Seth Wood. There wasn’t time in his schedule to fit me in for a tattoo, but I did buy some flash paintings from him that are phenomenal, and I have to say he was the nicest guy. Always a bonus.

Got to meet some other rad people as well including Chuck Donoghue(who worked the booth with Seth), Little Chico (and his lady), Shawn Brown(yup, that’s right fuckers. The singer form Swiz.), Guen, Dan Sinnes, Scott T and Tabitha. It was good to see Teddy Sefarian again. I met him back at the Boston convention the year before. The hotel was awesome, and Montreal itself rules. I can’t wait to go back. Everyone was very into going out and getting their party on, but  I was a sucker and went back to the room every night to draw. I did manage to go out Sunday eve, but I called it a night pretty early. Stayed in Montreal a few extra days to chill with the fellas and we walked all around. Monday there was a holiday and it kept most of the stores closed the first half of the day, but we all hooked up midway through and got to witness the most David Lynch ass parade I’ve ever seen.

Here’s photos of the convention, some tattoos I did there, and Montreal. Including the crazy parade.

Scott Althen blasting a snake on some random dudes headparts.

We went to check out as many old churches as we could find and this one was incredible. This was a hand carved staircase with all kinds of awesomeness around it. Check the all seeing eye of providence on the underside of the landing.

This was the pulpit. Sheeeesh.

Super Sexe had all these dudes rapping a bunch of stripper patter all over everyone when you walked by at night. Shit was hilarious.

“Nipples, clits and jiggly tits, you got a dollar – everybody gets a hollar!”

Some old graffiti by friends form home. I’m surprised shit is still running. From one of the Under Pressure events years ago.

Another amazing church!

Here’s the crazy parade. Honestly what the fuck is that thing up there? Big inflatable crazy ass thing.


2 Responses to “Montreal Tattoo Convention.”

  1. I hope you do Montreal again this year – I’d love to get a tattoo. Kirk (my husband) worked Montreal last year and had a blast, but I stayed home in Vancouver. I’m not missing out on the fantastic tattoos this year!

  2. that staircase is effing incredible.

    i always wanted to go into super sexe. they got that marquee so right.

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