Under the influence of Clowns

I’m a huge fan of clowns. Not the gay ass ICP/Wicked/killer clowns type of clowns. Circus clowns. I fucking love the circus for one, and for two seriously, I love clowns. Which is a tremendous pain in the ass since most of the free world hates clowns. Thanks Poltergiest! Assholes.

Aaaaaaaaaaaanyway. I’ve been working on some newer stuff that is influenced by harlequin clowns. I mean, not like super directly, but it is. I’ve been doing these new owls that I’m hoping will continue to develop as I continue to explore this stuff.

This was the first one. Yep, that’s a birdcage crown. I sold this up at that Montreal Convention. And then two hours later I tattooed this:

I think it came out pretty cool. A few weeks later I tattooed this one on my friend Allyson:

and about two weeks later I did this one on my friend Toby:

And then a month or so later I did this one on my buddy Raleigh:

That was the last one I did. I’m pretty happy with the progression of them, and there are a few on deck right now in various stages of development. I can’t wait ’till I get to do another one. There are also some other imagery I’m pushing through the same filter. We’ll see if that pans out. Meanwhile all clown photos can be emailed to me at oldtimeyron@yahoo.com


One Response to “Under the influence of Clowns”

  1. Well, it has to be said. You have taken a relatively played out (it really isn’t because its classic, but still…) theme and given it somewhat a new life. And about clowns. Got a heads up about a circus art book that most likely would RULE


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