Pennsylvania Dutch folk art.

I stare at this stuff for hours and get a shitty nights sleep because I can’t stop thinking about it.

I love it.


7 Responses to “Fraktur”

  1. Higgs, Ryan, all the others. Yes! Great stuff Ron! Check out “outsider art” and see the connections. We are having a display of this art in the museum I work in. Definetly influenced. Not just getting a influence but the artists in outsider art getting influenced and the other way around. Cycle. Outsider art looks like gnostic art and the other way around. Cycles.

    All creation bows, spiraling

  2. i love this stuff too. i actually just got rid of a bunch of pennsylvania dutch stencils that i’ve been carrying around since i was a kid. they weren’t this complex, though.

  3. this shits awesome…check this out as well…..Wycinanki…..polish paper cutting…sick.

  4. it’s not dutch… it’s all german writing on those…

  5. Yeah, I know, that’s just what the movement is typically referred to as.

  6. I have really enjoyed it as well. I have a book with tons of this reference. Up the street from our shop is a Goodwill, and it just sells books. It’s like a Goodwill Library, i find some of the best stuff there!

  7. Yeah one of my favorites as well

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