New stuff.

This first one is a painting I did for a friend, Joe Lathe . I never got a pic of it, but he sent me two when he framed it. Thanks, buddy.

Went to the Cigar City convention in Ybor City Florida this past weekend.

Made two new paintings.

The first one I ended up trading to Chris Smith for some SJ acetates. Chris is a super good dude. Great machines. All around stand up tattooer. Thanks man.

The next one was a fun one. There’s a sheet of Spaulding flash in our break room. All ships. The middle one always looked like a snarling face to me. So I made this. The original was purchased by Mr Russ Abbott. Thanks man.

I have prints of both of these available as I type.

Did some tattoos at the convention.

Did this clown/rose morph on fellow tat bro, Dave Bruehl. We traded. I got a Jensen machine with eyeballs all over it on my leg. I did this on his ankle.

Did this simple little harlequin owl on another fellow tat guy. Fernando Casillas. Check his work. Dude is good. Nice as Hell, too.

I’m kinda bummed because I couldn’t get a decent pic of this one.

I got to meet allot of great people, Mike Bruce, Timmy Tatts, Bowery Stan, Chris Smith, and it was great to see some people again, Russ Abbott, Dave Bruehl, Shay at Liberty.

Stan and I:

I worked the convention with my very good friend Ricky McGee. We got up at 4 freaking AM and drove 5 hours to Tampa(Ybor) and dropped off some of our stuff, then headed over to Sarasota, to the Ringling museum. This place was amazing. I’ll post pics of that tomorrow.

Have a good night!!!


5 Responses to “New stuff.”

  1. Ross Hogg Says:

    Those paintings are on that other level. Great stuff!

  2. The clown thing is very Higgs’ish. And I like the ship painting!

  3. that ship is epic! prints you say????

  4. I have that same eagle frame with a fisheye mirror in it.

  5. Mr. Wells, I am interested in a pring of your Devil Ship…have any available? Let me know…

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