Dietzel Book.

If you haven’t ordered this yet, you NEED to. I actually forgot that I pre-ordered it until it showed up. I devoured it between appointments the day I got it, and have since been flipping through just to stare at the old flash and  re-read parts. It’s written and assembled by Jon Reiter, and put out by Solid State.

It starts with a family history, and some truly amazing pictures, covers his formative tattoo years, the traveling, shops, and relationships with other historic tattooers and carnivals, providing some insight into world of a traveling tattooer in that time period. The book also contains a huge selection of his flash, and even some non tattoo artwork, which was pretty great to see.

With a book like this it’s obvious the man cares enough to do serious research to make a truly informative and thoughtful product geared toward not only tattooers and collectors, but to anyone with a penchant for American folk arts, or history. Thanks to Jon for putting out a truly inspiring piece of work. I look forward to volume two. (Hopefully some machine stuff in there!)

You can order it here, so do it. I feel that if you don’t want this, there has to be something wrong with you.

Hop to it, Chief.


2 Responses to “Dietzel Book.”

  1. Man, I’m waiting so patiently for mine…..

  2. I got mine the other day, Didnt notice the norwegian flag on the cover until that. turns out i live around the same parts of norway he lived! that was kinda cool to find out. im going to ask my grandads about this, and maybe get some info.

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