The Barque Eagle.

So, I got an email a few weeks ago from a guy named Gabe. He’s a Sailor in the Coast Guard, and his boat is going to be docked in Savannah for a long weekend, and he’d like to get a tattoo of a girl head. He was recommended to me from Jason Stewart at one of the Philadelphia Eddies shops. (thanks dude, by the way!)

So he shows up, likes the drawing and we go to it. He tells me that the ship he’s on is the Barque Eagle. A three masted tall ship. It was a war prize we liberated from Germany in WWII. He offered to give me a full boat tour and I jumped at the chance. The very next day a bunch more of the sailors came through( including a retired Master Chief with a Pike tattoo from 66!) and I was able to fit them in the schedule and make them happy. Thanks to everyone from the Barque Eagle for the tour, hospitality, conversation and for the business.

Here’s the tattoo I put on Gabe.

Here’s some pics of the ship including a photo hanging in the award room of what she used to look like, a case containing part of the original sails, and the Key to the City of Savannah.

Here’s the website for the info on the vessel.


3 Responses to “The Barque Eagle.”

  1. Andy Perez Says:


  2. I gotta wonder if the German (over)engineering on that ship is expensive to fix as my Volkswagen.
    Great work, as always, Ron.

  3. Awesome tattoo Ron, man i kick myself i never went and checked out Gabe’s boat. Man i had no idea how sweat that thing is!

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