2010 Montreal Tattoo Convention.

So, in September I went up to Montreal again for the convention. I was also lucky enough to get a guest spot at Studio Tattoo Mania with and thanks to my buddy Adam Turk. I worked at the shop  Monday through Wednesday.

Let me just start off by saying all of the guys at Tattoo Mania are fucking rad. All of them, but especially Pierre, Pascal(who kept trying to feed me whiskey the whole time), Simon(who took us to an amazing Polish restaurant), and Timer. Oh, And “Whip it” , the counter guy. Dude kept me going the whole time. Such a great person. I made some tattoos on some awesome people(including a little whiskey bottle on Pascal which was fun as hell), and got to spend time with Turk and the guys at the shop chit chatting and eating. Got to spend a bit of time with Kore Flatmo and Ichibay who were also doing guest spots at the shop and with Guen Douglas who was doing a guest spot at the other TM location. It was a genuine pleasure to see everyone. Great people, and super friendly which is always a plus. Thank you, Tattoo Mania. I love you, and hope to see you again soon!

Thursday  I left open to just hang out at the shop with the guys and soak up some of the creativity and catch up on drawings for the convention, while waiting for the rest of our friends(Ricky McGee, Adam Hathorne, Scott Althen, Rus Laich, Aaron Dunnel, and Jeremy Sutton) to show up. We all ended up meeting up together at the opening party at some thai resaurant, and then off to Foufunes Electriques (which I was told translates to The Electric Butt,  however Alta Vista babel fish translator informs me that it  actually  means “Electric Pussies”). This place reminds me of every club I ever saw a show in on the East Coast during the nineties.

I left the party shortly after that, but Turk was six sheets to the wind by midnight. When I woke up in the morning he was no where to be found. Aprently he crashed in Hathorn’s room. He told me later that he woke up in the shower around 1pm with no idea how he got there.

The convention.

Like last year, I split a booth with Ricky, which is always fun. I think we work great together and it’s fun getting out of the shop setting and working together like this. I really enjoy it.I tattooed a bunch of great people again that luckily enough all asked me for fun stuff, and sat great. I got to meet and reconnect with  some more great people including the staff over at Speakeasy in Toronto, Myles Karr from Three Kings in Brooklyn, Teddy Safarian,  Scott Milyanovich, Chad Koeplinger, Shamus Mahanna, Chuck Donoghue, Seth Wood, and William Thiedeman. I got to see a cool presentation by Chuck Eldridge from the Tattoo Archive in N.C.

Here’s the tattoos that I did that week in order.

This heart is on Vince. Nice guy I met through a forum that I frequent. I experimented a bit here.

This Ship is on Maude. She sat like a champ. I did a simple traditional portrait of her grandparents getting married in a frame on the inside of her arm as soon as we finished the ship. I have crap photos of that though.

This ship in a bottle is on Caroline. She’s a tattooer in Montreal. She had a great attitude and sat very well. She also has the skinniest arms I’ve ever tattooed.

This is on Yannie. She is the girlfriend of fellow tattooer Shamus Mahannah out of Montreal. She was a sweetheart, although  didn’t get very good pics of this.

This torch is on Jen Moffatt. She’s an awesome tattooer in Toronto. This shit is all up on her kneecap. She got her other kneecap tattooed by Chad Keoplinger a few hours later that same day. BRUTAL. Jen did a great job of putting up with the obvious discomfort on a tattoo this of size and in this placement. Couldn’t have sat better.

I did another tattoo on a friend right after this, but I didn’t get a decent pic of it at all. I’ll try to get a healed one off him. It’s the first of two owls I did. Here is the second Owl. I tattooed this on a friend that I tattooed a lantern on last year in Montreal. He had an awesome tattoo by Chad Keoplinger on his inner arm, and you can just make out this rad girl head the Dan Santoro did right under the owl.

Well, that’s about it. I didn’t take nearly the amount of pics as I did last year. Oh well. Hope you enjoyed it anyway.

Thank you to everyone at Tattoo Mania, and all the people that I met up with, tattooed, or took the time to talk to me. I can’t wait ’till next year!


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