Some tattoos.

I actually did this one right before I left for Montreal. It’s on a fellow tattooer from Ontario I believe.

This one is a bit out of my ordinary, but I had a good time with it. I think it’s cute.

This one’s on Kurt from Ink and Dagger. He and his lady came through Savannah. I based this off a painting he did for his dad.

This one is actually on another tattooer from Ink and Dagger. Jason Monroe. I did this on him while I was up for their Man Day celebration.

This torch is on Gary. A tattooer working out of Black Hive in Florida. Apparently, I was the first stop on a sort of “Tattoo Tour” Gary was taking. He got tattooed by Danny Reed at Hot Stuff in Asheville the very next day and that shit was awesome, and then did a guest spot at Dawn Cooke’s Depot Town in Ypsilanti Michigan. And he got a tattooed by her, too. Lucky duck.

I tried a bit of an experiment in less skin tone than usual on this one. I kind of like it.

This next one is on Gary’s girl, Meg. They swung back through a few weeks later on their way home to get this.

I got TERRIBLE photos of this and I’m bummed about it. Hopefully I can get some healed deals from him soon.

I finally get to do a fucking TWIN PEAKS themed tattoo!!!!!!

This is on Ryan. He tattoos out of ┬áBlack Thorn Gallery in PA. We tried to make this work last year when he was in my neck of the woods, but I was out of town. We made sure it happened this year and I’m pretty happy with how it came out. I used one of my harlequin owls since they are partially inspired by Twin Peaks lore.

Hope you enjoyed!

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  1. Beautiful hot inked girls

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