Some tattoos.

I actually did this one right before I left for Montreal. It’s on a fellow tattooer from Ontario I believe.

This one is a bit out of my ordinary, but I had a good time with it. I think it’s cute.

This one’s on Kurt from Ink and Dagger. He and his lady came through Savannah. I based this off a painting he did for his dad.

This one is actually on another tattooer from Ink and Dagger. Jason Monroe. I did this on him while I was up for their Man Day celebration.

This torch is on Gary. A tattooer working out of Black Hive in Florida. Apparently, I was the first stop on a sort of “Tattoo Tour” Gary was taking. He got tattooed by Danny Reed at Hot Stuff in Asheville the very next day and that shit was awesome, and then did a guest spot at Dawn Cooke’s Depot Town in Ypsilanti Michigan. And he got a tattooed by her, too. Lucky duck.

I tried a bit of an experiment in less skin tone than usual on this one. I kind of like it.

This next one is on Gary’s girl, Meg. They swung back through a few weeks later on their way home to get this.

I got TERRIBLE photos of this and I’m bummed about it. Hopefully I can get some healed deals from him soon.

I finally get to do a fucking TWIN PEAKS themed tattoo!!!!!!

This is on Ryan. He tattoos out of  Black Thorn Gallery in PA. We tried to make this work last year when he was in my neck of the woods, but I was out of town. We made sure it happened this year and I’m pretty happy with how it came out. I used one of my harlequin owls since they are partially inspired by Twin Peaks lore.

Hope you enjoyed!


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  1. Beautiful hot inked girls

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