New Flash Set.

I just finished this new set. 8 pages. I stuck with the black, grey, and red again. I like minimalist color schemes. Hope you do.

Copies are available for 75 bucks plus shipping to my paypal address:

For shipping in the US it’s 5 bucks, in Canada and Europe it’s 10. Outside of that please let me know and I’ll check the shipping costs.

Most of the originals are for sale as well. PLease send an email if you’re interested. Thanks.


Thanks for looking. Hope you enjoy.


12 Responses to “New Flash Set.”

  1. Yup…made my morning! Tremendous!!

  2. xjamestravisx Says:

    Yeah, I’ll be buying this soon.

  3. Hey man, how much for shipping to NSW Australia?

  4. nice looking set man

  5. These are fantastic. Are you going to be at the Montreal convention this year?

  6. These are great, no surprise though, Ron is probably the best draftsman I have met.


  8. Simply fantastic. I’ve been looking for years for a style I like. I like, a lot. Shame I live in London. Maybe I could pay you a visit.

  9. Are these awsome flash sheets still available?

  10. Candace Says:

    Holy sweet goddamn

  11. that is some thugged out flash my nigga.

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