Long Time.

So, for the past year I’ve pretty much been posting only on Instagram. Which has been great for business. Apparently, however, a bunch of people don’t have or want that shit, and a lot of those people rely on websites and blogs for how they research their tattooers. Also, as much as I like the lack of talking on IG, I find it harder to accurately communicate where I am, where I will be and how to make appointments with me.


On with the blog again!

Here, in no particular order at all are some photos of tattoos that I’ve done since last update. I hope you enjoy.


Athena. This was fun.

Tethered to the afterlife

Spirit guide.

Animal hats.

I did this at the Boston Tattoo Convention this year and got a wild hair up my ass and decided to enter it into the tattoo contest for “Best Traditional”, and holy shit I won. I really don’t give a shit about that stuff, but it was nice for the client, and I won a stereo so that was pretty cool.

I’ve been doing this here and there. Taking pics of the stencil or the whole drawing process. I’ll post ’em when I can be organized enough to get it together.










2 Responses to “Long Time.”

  1. yes, please do update the blog. i am not on IG and was thrilled to see this huge mass of posts from you — i thought maybe you had ‘dropped off teh face,’ as occasionally happens. the process posts are especially interesting

  2. Nick Smith Says:

    So stoked to see an update here, and I look forward to more! I follow your IG, but it’s nice to have a bulk post of tattoo pictures, and I really dig reading a little bit of commentary on things. Thanks, and I look forward to more blog posts and to trying to make it your way to get tattooed!

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