How to get a tattoo from me.

The best way to get in touch with me is my email –

In May 2014, I opened The Torchbearer with Chris Cautillo in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.  A private, appointment only studio that is my home base.    I travel about one week a month.  You can find my travel schedule posted regularly, but otherwise I’m available to take appointments at The Torchbearer.




9 Responses to “How to get a tattoo from me.”

  1. Nik Spadina Says:

    Hi Ron,

    I’ve just stumbled onto your work and I love it – it’s incredible! I’ve been looking at different artists whose individual style grows from traditional designs and I think your work is brilliant.

    Do you work somewhere? I’m in Australia but I’d be willing to travel to get good ink done.



  2. Chris Paprocki Says:

    hey i was wondering when the next time you would be in the chicago/ st louis area? would love to get tattooed by you. Also if you ever find yourself in southern Illinois feel free to come guest at the shop I work at.

    -Chris Paprocki

  3. Sarah Wright Says:

    Hi Ron,

    Just wanted to know if you ever come to the Denver area? My husband and I have both been tattooed by you when you were at anonymous…You’ve done a few pieces on Matt’s arm (flowers and the all seeing eye, etc). We moved to Denver last year and still haven’t found a tattoo artist here. Would love to see you if you ever come out west!
    Sarah Wright

  4. Hey i was wondering if you’re taking bookings for the scottish convention in edinburgh at the end of the month?

  5. hey Ron im this guys I just wanted to say that it looks like youre doing well for yourself and how amazing your stuff is looking. I live in savannah now so if you ever get this way again let me know.

  6. Hey Ron! Your work is so unique & amazing! I’d love to get tattooed by you, along with several friends of mine! We’re in Ontario, Canada. It would be great to have you sometime sonewhere here! Cheers!

  7. Hey Ron, we met at Three Kings last month and discussed an eagle snake tattoo. When will you be at ThreeKings next? Can’t wait to get started on that eagle.

  8. Dude. You’re work is kick ass.
    I especially love your Twin Peaks Tattoos, I’m obsessed with the show also. No doubt I live too far away and am too poor to come see you, but if there’s an off chance you would design a TP tattoo for me to get done where I live, much moneys would be sent.

    Cheers man

  9. Hello.

    I am already your friend.


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