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Burke & Hare collaboration

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I’m pretty excited to finally be able to announce about this collaborative project that I’ve been working on with Burke & Hare Co.   A line of hand-crafted pillar candles decorated with my designs plus special one-off hand painted images on vintage plates. 

Check out their online store where you can purchase the items from our collaboration and while you’re there check out all the other rad stuff they have. Happy New Year!!!


knockout tattoos.

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Trying something with this. I’ve got a few ideas on the burner in the same vein. Aside from the first one, which was a flash design I made a while ago, I will not  ever be putting these out as flash designs, but I have started a collection of different ones that I’ll be bringing with me wherever I’m working. If anyone is interested in something in this vein, just let me know.













SFO Tattoo Convention.

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Once again I am lucky enough to be working at the SFO Tattoo Convention this year! This weekend from the 26th -28th. If you’re in the area please take the time to check this out. Some of the best tattooers in the world will be in attendance tattooing, selling prints, and flash, and machines. Some will even be open to take walk ups! Do yourself a favor and swing by the convention. All the info is on the flyer I’m posting.

Twin Peaks.

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If you know me at all chances are you know that I am, and have been for a long time, unhealthily obsessed with Twin Peaks.

Hence :


That’s my left hand after my buddy Jason June brutalized my finger sides.

I Painted a TP pork chop sheet and did a few tattoos based on the show and since then, I’ve gotten to do more and more Twin Peaks tattoos. I love it. I never get tired of these or trying to make new ones. Here’s a bunch from the past year or so. Some are real obvious, some are a bit more subtle, but I had a great time with all of them, and would love to do more. Hope you enjoy.













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For the past few years I’ve been working on drawing roses increasingly weirder, but still based on real roses. More and more deconstructed, kind of like how I treated letters when I was a graffiti writer. Leave essential parts intact, while abstracting the image as a whole. I don’t know if I’m going anywhere with this, and I’m certainly not saying I’m doing some super original new dance or anything, I mean I’ve seen plenty of people do angular roses, but I’m trying to make something happen with these that feels like mine. Here’s a few examples. Again, in no particular order of when they were done, plus some process shots of doing one of these on a good friend, and fellow tattooer, Noah Moore’s head. Hope you enjoy.













Bonus image: Captain Diaper Head.


Buncha Tattoos.

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Another grouping of tattoos from the past year in no particular order. Hope you enjoy.



Funny one I got to do. Weird version of a battle royal. I had a great time with this.








This one was a fucking blast for me. She asked for a treasure chest on her hand, but it just never looked right when I was drawing it, so we went with this.





I think I just love tattooing hands. Especially when I’m allowed to bring that shit down on the fingers and crap.

Filler on a great client.

More filler on the same guy. The tattoos around the little cross are not mine.



Queen Elizabeth.

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Was pretty happy with this one. Tried some stuff I hadn’t previously done, and felt like it worked as well as I could make it work.

The client sat like a freaking champ. Thanks.