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For the past few years I’ve been working on drawing roses increasingly weirder, but still based on real roses. More and more deconstructed, kind of like how I treated letters when I was a graffiti writer. Leave essential parts intact, while abstracting the image as a whole. I don’t know if I’m going anywhere with this, and I’m certainly not saying I’m doing some super original new dance or anything, I mean I’ve seen plenty of people do angular roses, but I’m trying to make something happen with these that feels like mine. Here’s a few examples. Again, in no particular order of when they were done, plus some process shots of doing one of these on a good friend, and fellow tattooer, Noah Moore’s head. Hope you enjoy.













Bonus image: Captain Diaper Head.



Finished Projects

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So in the past month I have finished my first two sleeves ever.

First is Roland’s filigree sleeve that I showed a few posts back. We put the final section in, and added some flat grey pieces plus I reworked an old heraldic lion in the back of his forearm to fit in the sleeve.

Next is the Sailor Jerry sleeve on Cory. He had the “Bad Pussy” and “Crossed the Equator” tattoos already, but for some reason they were almost completely fallen out. I think military training while they were in the early stages of healing may have contributed to it, but I didn’t originally do them, or the nautical star on the inside. We left the star alone, but I completely re-did those other two tattoos, so as far as I’m concerned it’s my sleeve. I tried to keep most of this stuff as close to book versions as I could, though I did adjust some things. The rose and knife is a combo of a rose from one sheet and a knife from another to cover up some “no out line”, faded red kanji.  The girl head is my favorite part.

Here’s a painting I did for an auction for a French Bulldog rescue charity event. I based it on my friend and coworker,  Zack Spurlock’s dog, Vito. It’s my first time painting something like this, and I’m not sure I did him justice, but I like the painting, and I learned a lot.

Here’s a few recent one shot tattoos.

The rose is on my friend Raleigh whom I have tattooed a ton. The wolf was from yesterday.It’s from the 3rd volume of Sailor Jerry flash, and I had a blast doing it. Thanks for looking, comments are always appreciated.


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Here’s a 3 page set of flash I just finished.

This year. The beginning.

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Its been a kooky year so far. Lot’s of cool shit, some crazy shit, some much needed checks and balances. I feel like I’m on a good path. Good people keeping me grounded and focused. I wouldn’t normally be making posts about things that happened 5 months ago, but since this year has had allot of action let’s start at the begining.

I did the Ybor City convention with Ricky in January. Shit was awesome. Got to meet some great people, the booths were affordable, the staff was insanely helpful (walking around asking if our tubes needed cleaning, going on food runs outside the venue for artists, etc…), the hotel was rad, AND affordable (historic hotel across the street from the venue), and there was no Lizardboy making terrible jokes and being the single most annoying person on earth. Ricky won Tattoo of the day on Saturday and that was awesome. Damn good tattoo, too. Shit was pretty phenomenal. Got to meet some great people (Phil Colvin from Memorial Tattoo and Shay at Liberty Tattoo as stand outs in hospitality), tattoo some fun stuff(thanks), and got to see the Sailor Jerry Movie.

One word: Epic. 

Check the Photos.

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Some paintings I did there. Phil Colvin bought the girl head and Brian Warnekross bought the bird and rose.

Thanks guys.

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