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The Torchbearer

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In May 2014, I opened The Torchbearer – a private studio in Pawtucket, RI – with my good friend Chris Cautillo.   I still travel, but less frequently since I’m hoping to get to spend a lot more time at home.  My upcoming travel calendar will be posted on the sidebar – if I’m not traveling, you can assume that I’m available to take appointments in Rhode Island.

If you’d like to book an appointment, email



Broad St. Tattoos.

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I did a guest spot at Broad St. Tattoo in Bridgewater Massachusetts. This is the second time I’ve done a spot there and it’s always a blast. Everyone there is great to me and I love visiting. Thanks to Joe, Chris, Mike, John, Larry and Reid. The owl tattoo with the shield and eye was done during this visit and here’s a few others.

This is on my friend Jebb, whom I didn’t realize until that day played in the Doomriders.He floated me some band schwag due to being a true stand up gentleman, and hooked the dudes up at the shop with gear as well for cheaps. Jebb has work from Grez, Mike Shea, Erick Lynch, Josh Mcalear, Chad Koeplinger, and Steve Boltz. So it wasn’t nerve wracking at all to do this tattoo. Nope. Not at all. Dick. Next time we’re doing a big key going through his neckpiece.

I did this on my friend ,Chris Cautillo who works at the shop. It was a fun little jammie. We didn’t get a chance to tattoo him last time so it was a priority this time.

Did this on my friend J.D. We had planned something else but that’s going to be epic so we’re doing it next time. I’ve tattooed J.D. twice before this and we’re going to try to fill up most of the rest of his arm next sessions. Maybe one more after that to fill up some gaps and shit.

This fucking guy showed up with a sleeveless Slipknot shirt and asked me if I had any extra cream. The fuck does that mean?